Electronic Engineering Motorcycle Dyno

The project was to debug, troubleshoot and redesign portions of the control and data acquisition components of a motorcycle dynamometer. The project was quite challenging due to the high rate of speed and the short time of the drive cycle.  As delivered the system was electrically noisy. The video shows a lug down test run.

First our our engineers were able to rewire the system to reduce electrical noise from wiring and shielding. Next we designed some small circuits to filter out noise from the engine of the motorcycle on the RPM signal.  Finally we worked closely with our customer to modify the LabView control system to implement some custom software filters to further improve the performance.

This demonstrates the versatility of our electronic engineers to understand the product that they are working on. This is an important aspect to consider when hiring contract electronic engineering help.

Please email bnicholson@technichsolutions.com or call 262 – 347 – 3137 for more information.

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