Engineering Traits

Top 5 Skills Needed for Technical Consultants

When choosing technical consultants, companies often only focus on a long list of technical skills. For electronic engineers that typically includes hardware design, software design, embedded software, programming, circuit design, microcontrollers, etc.

The best engineers might not know the exact technical skills you need but they will learn them. Having managed many engineers over time, I have found that the best engineers share common traits. The engineers that get the job done share the traits mentioned in this great article from Entrepreneur magazine

From the article, these traits include:

1. Unimpeachable character

The consultant must be willing to put the customers interests ahead of their own.

2. Solid experience

A good consultant won’t necessarily have the exact industry experience but will have faced similar challenges before.


3. Creative problem-solving skills

Excellent problem solving skills are a must-have.

4. Outstanding communication skills

They should practice the theory that “when you are speaking it is impossible to learn anything.”

5. Excellent interpersonal skills

They must be able to get along with your team.

While good technically, our engineers also have a good handle on all five skill sets.  Call 262-347-3137 if you need engineers to help get your product off of the ground.



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