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Top 5 Skills Needed for Technical Consultants

When choosing technical consultants, companies often only focus on a long list of technical skills. For electronic engineers that typically includes hardware design, software design, embedded software, programming, circuit design, microcontrollers, etc.

The best engineers might not know the exact technical skills you need but they will learn them. Having managed many engineers over time, I have found that the best engineers share common traits. Continue reading Top 5 Skills Needed for Technical Consultants

Electronic Engineers with Personality!

Many engineers underestimate the importance of interpersonal communications. Companies often fail to evaluate communication skills when engaging a product development firm. Designing and troubleshooting electronic products and embedded software is much more efficient when the engineers are professional, outgoing, and can explain problems and technologies. Here our engineers are running a trade show booth for products they designed.

Electrical EngineersThis was a new technology introduction and the end result of the show was a national account contract and several more national account contacts as a result of our engineers’ ability to present the technology.

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Easily Add WIFI / IoT (Internet of Things) Capabilities To a Product

With the emerging popularity of Internet of Things technologies and standards, many devices today are being connected to the internet or a cell phone via WIFI (802.11 b, g, etc.).

 This project was to design an easy economical way to add WIFI capabilities to work with an existing product which used a simple micro-controller. Continue reading Easily Add WIFI / IoT (Internet of Things) Capabilities To a Product

Electronic Engineering Motorcycle Dyno

The project was to debug, troubleshoot and redesign portions of the control and data acquisition components of a motorcycle dynamometer. The project was quite challenging due to the high rate of speed and the short time of the drive cycle.  As delivered the system was electrically noisy. The video shows a lug down test run.

Continue reading Electronic Engineering Motorcycle Dyno