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OBD telematics connected car accuracy

Since most standard OBD or OBDII vehicles do not make the odometer reading available or supply the odometer value in tenths, almost all telematics or connected car devices must calculate mileage from OBDII speed.  This calculation results in considerable error in many readings such as speed, acceleration and mileage.

In order to demonstrate the ability of MotorVibes™ accurate mileage calculation we pitted  Automatic’s OBDII device mileage against the MotorVibes ™ AccuMileage™ OBDII device.   A brand new 2016 Automatic device was purchased and installed according to instructions on a Nissan Frontier.     We compared the device results with the vehicles trip computer.

Results -Automatic

 Automatic mileage – 54 milesFrontier Automatic

Actual vehicle mileage – 55 miles

Frontier DashboardA

Error  = 1 Mile / 55 Miles = 1.8%


 Next, a MotorVibes™ device was installed on the same vehicle.

Results –  MotorVibes™

MotorVibes™ Mileage – 105.97 Miles

Frontier MotorVibes™

Actual vehicle mileage -106.2 miles

Frontier Dashboardb

 Error  = 0.23 miles / 106.2 miles = 0.2 %


This demonstrates the ability of MotorVibes™ patent pending technology to correct traditional error found in most telematics devices.      While not all vehicles will see this high degree of accuracy, overall accuracy is greatly improved using MotorVibes™ technology.   Email or call 262-347-3137 for more information.

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Avoid Critical Business Decisions Based on Poor Vehicle Telematics Data

OBDII telematics devices that attach to a cars diagnostic port are rapidly proliferating and can pose a significant risk to your business if the data supplied by the device is not accurate.  Poor accuracy on speed, mileage, acceleration and fuel efficiency are common and can lead to poor decisions for whole industries  like usage based insurance (UBI) . Continue reading Avoid Critical Business Decisions Based on Poor Vehicle Telematics Data