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MotorVibes™ OBDII Vehicle Telematics Products

With MotorVibes™ technology, software developers can quickly gather vehicle data and create a Connected Car.

The Connected Car

MotorVibes™ is a device which plugs into a vehicle to interface the vehicle to PCs, tablets, smart phones, and the internet. It is designed to U.S. OBDII and European EOBD standards required on all cars built since 1996 such as SAE J1979.
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Easily Write Software

Once a device is plugged into the car, writing software is easy. Using simple English based commands, vehicle data can be accessed via Cellular (M2M) ,RS 232 and 802.11. Write software once and support all three.

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Many Industries

MotorVibes™ devices can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications such as: diagnostics, rental car, usage-based insurance (UBI), fleets, vehicle history, client retention, IRS mileage reporting, parental monitoring, remote OBD and vehicle inspections.

Precise Vehicle Data

MotorVibes™ vehicle interfaces have AccuMileage™ patent pending precise mileage and speed calculation. The device features include small size, low power consumption, fuel consumption, 365 days of data storage, voltage test and fast communications protocol.

Custom Electronic Product Development

TechNich Solutions provides electronic engineers for USA product development at a reasonable price. Sales and software groups can produce products without an engineering group or without increasing the engineering budget.

Microcontroller Product Design

TechNich Solutions designs and develops circuit boards, hardware and embedded software for microcontroller products. Engineers are fast, efficient, and cost effective. They work as part of a company engineering team or can provide a complete product solution.

Experienced Project Management

The TechNich Solutions development team is managed by an experienced degreed engineer and entrepreneur, proficient at bringing products to market all the way from concept to completion. A business background helps safeguard the designs and intellectual property.

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Complete Product Development or Consulting

TechNich Solutions works with local vendors and engineers to provide complete product design and manufacturing capabilities. Work can be conducted with an existing engineering group or for a SALES or SOFTWARE company.

Current Technology Experience

Low power products
Battery-operated products
Automotive products
Bluetooth, WIFI, 802.11, wireless
Cellular and M2M products
Outdoor products
Iphone and Android phone interfaces
Internet of things (IoT) devices


The TechNich Solutions engineers can work with any manufacturing team. Products can be manufactured using light assembly in the Pewaukee, Wisconsin plant. Large manufacturing runs can be coordinated by Technich Solutions for higher volume runs either in the USA or internationally for a
lower cost.

Consulting Services

Analog and digital circuit design
Embedded software
Measurement products
Prototype build up
Embedded software
Bill of materials