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TechNich Solutions is All About Partners

TechNich Solutions, founded by serial Entreprenuer William Nicholson (LinkedIn), has a rich history in product development. With an extensive background in bringing hardware and software products to market on time sensitive projects, TechNich's main expertise is to work with partner companies to design and manufacture electronic products and embedded software. Whether its a Connected Car or another microcontroller/electronic product, we can help you design and build it. Call (262) 347-3137 today to discuss our unique business model that helps assure your project's success.


TechNich Solutions is Easy on the Budget

Companies just don't have the extra time or engineering budgets that they used to. Many sales and software companies don't have an engineering group at all. TechNich Solutiions was formed with these situations in mind. Our design engineers can consult as part of an engineering team or we can work under our own experienced engineering project management. We have designed many products from conception to completion. Under the right terms, we also will work at less than the going rate for engineering work. This enables companies to get to market with less up front costs.


TechNich Solutions Versatility

TechNich Solutions takes pride in creating solutions for problems in many fields. Our original products started out in the automotive area and we quickly expanded to designing low power battery-operated products for outdoors. Recent experience with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Everything (IoE) devices has given us good insight into connecting sensors to smart phones, PCs and the internet. Our engineers excel at learning new technologies.


We Listen

We have positive examples of working closely with sales and marketing groups. We listen and design what the customer wants.

Past Project Examples:

Strong Midwestern Technology, Management, and Partners

TechNich Solutions is a Wisconsin based company located in a suburb of Milwaukee. We are a self funded company founded by an experienced entrepeneur (http://www.linkedin.com/in/williamnicholson). Years of experience in implementing technology products enables us to meet your company's needs.

Visioning Technology

Our traditional Midwestern roots and work ethic enable us to provide complete product development for you. With our consolidated management chain and the ability to self-fund projects, we are able to move quickly.

Complete Product Development including Financing

We specialize in working with sales, distribution, and product companies who seek complete product development partners. While we work on traditional consulting projects, we accel on complete product development projects where all aspects of a product are needed. This may include financing the development where there is no budget. We provide complete electronic and electro mechanical hardware/software design and manufacturing.

Safeguard your Intellectual Property

We work with local Midwestern partners and focus on safe guarding intellectual property. Your intellectual property (IP) is safeguarded as executive decisions are made locally and the intellectual property is kept in the United States.