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TechNich Solutions Electronic Product Development Services

TechNich Solutions provides design engineering services for electronic, micro-controller and microprocessor based products. Expertise includes electronic hardware design, embedded software design, and complete product design from concept to completion including manufacturing. TechNich Solutions works closely with local USA vendors to be able to offer quality services beyond just electronic engineering that are necessary to complete a product.

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Electronic Hardware and Embedded Software Engineering

Several engineers are available who can work on a complete project or who can quickly supplement an existing engineering group. TechNich Solutions engineers have current experience in embedded software and hardware development with current venders such as Freescale, MicroChip, etc.

Our Engineers At Work

TechNich Solutions Engineers at a Tradeshow


Product Development for Sales and Software Companies

TechNich Solutions provides complete product development and manufacturing with engineering management experienced in bringing technology products to market. Under entrepreneurial leadership the engineering team understands the value of U.S. intellectual property and can help safeguard it. We have current experience with Internet of Things (IoT) devices and interfacing to smart phones.

Experience with Current Technologies

Specific Services

Specific Services - Production Circuit Boards

Complete Product Development, Electronic Hardware Design, Microcontroller Design and Layout, Embedded Software Development,
PCB and Product Prototypes,
Packaging and Plastics,
Local / International manufacturing, Android and Iphone Interfaces

Product and Industries

Products and Industries - Oscillocope Screen


Outdoor Products, Test and Measurement, Sensors,

Automotive Products, Vehicle Telematics,
OBDII, J1979, J1939, ISO 15765,
Usage Based Insurance (UBI),
Vehicle Inspection, Vehicle Diagnostics,
Vehicle Interfaces,

Low Power and Battery



Technology and Vendors

Technology and Vendors - Microcontroller Programming


M2M / Cellular Network Selection,
AT&T and T-Mobile M2M,
2G, 3G, 4G Solutions,
UBlox, SIMCOMM, etc.,
SMS, TCP, UDP Communication,
Cloud Communications, WIF, 802.11, Wireless, Bluetooth,

Internet of Things (IoT) Devices, Freescale, Microchip